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Profit Partner specializes in providing the necessary guidance to optimize cash flow for companies facing complex debt situations, offering essential solutions crucial for sustained success.

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In essence, our objective is to witness the success of your business. Engaging in success-based consulting is a risk we willingly undertake to support our clients.

Unlike attorneys, consultants, bankers, and other purported "trusted" advisers who may charge steep hourly rates or substantial upfront retainers/fees, and receive payment throughout the process, we prioritize your best interests. Placing the majority of our fee on the back end serves as an incentive for us to concentrate on improving the financial health of your business and assisting you in attaining your goals.

Our Services

Business Turnaround

We can assist with mitigating business losses, restructuring bad debt, addressing cash shortfalls, and tackling other factors contributing to your business's cash crisis.

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Debt Mitigation

We can assist in minimizing your fees and consolidating your debts, enabling you to achieve debt-free status more quickly.

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Financial Restructuring

We can aid in restructuring your business for success, with a primary focus on enhancing the overall value of your company.

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Require capital? We can assist in facilitating access to the necessary lenders and investors for your needs.

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EIDL Loan Modification

Utilize the EIDL loan modification program to defer and lower your payments.

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Merchant Processing

With no hidden fees, we created a sales model based on transparency.

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FFCRA Credits

Make use of the FFCRA tax credits that your business might qualify for.

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Our Technology Partners

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Ask us how we saved one business nearly $50,000 a year!

What our customers are saying

Eric, TX

This sounded to good to be true, but all small business should do this! We were able to qualify for better financing because of our improved cash flow!”

Jennifer, UT

“We completely eliminated our credit card processing fees and have been able to use the extra cash flow to hire another team member!”

Mark, FL

“Our auto shop was losing more than $4,000 a month to credit card processing fees! We increased our profits by $4,000 per month!”

Thomas, VA

“Our restaraunt was looking for ways to improve our profitability, and a friend referred us to Profit Partner. Still can't believe the savings!”

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