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Profit Partner can help you increase your cash flow by eliminating your credit card processing fees! Keep accepting credit card payments, but never pay processing fees again!

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Dual Pricing with ProfitPartner

Business owners are always looking for ways to maximize their revenue and streamline their payment processing. One solution that can help do both is dual pricing with ProfitPartner. This payment processing solution allows businesses to offer customers the choice of paying with cash or credit, with different prices for each option. By offering a credit card surcharge, businesses can capture credit card fees and retain 100% of the cash price, while still accepting credit card payments.

How Dual Pricing Works?

If a customer decides to pay with a credit card, they will be presented a bill with slightly different pricing. The price of the products will be increased to include a surcharge for the credit card transaction. The business will capture the full cost of the product!

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Eric, TX

This sounded to good to be true, but all small business should do this! We were able to qualify for better financing because of our improved cash flow!”

Jennifer, UT

“We completely eliminated our credit card processing fees and have been able to use the extra cash flow to hire another team member!”

Mark, FL

“Our auto shop was losing more than $4,000 a month to credit card processing fees! We increased our profits by $4,000 per month!”

Thomas, VA

“Our restaraunt was looking for ways to improve our profitability, and a friend referred us to ProfitPartner. Still can't believe the savings!”

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If you provide us with your business statements needed to calculate dual pricing savings, and we are unable to show business savings, we'll send you a $500 check!*

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